Saving lives, one person, one product at a time

Academia, Industry, and Community solving Global Health Inequity

Our Mission

It’s pretty simple, increase quality of life for all participants in the global economic value chains, and save lives.

Our Vision

As a group we believe that we can offer science-based solutions that address UN Sustainable Development Goals to enhance quality of life around the world.

Our Work

We are a consortium of academic, corporate, and community partners dedicated to solving global health inequity from a supply chain perspective. We align manufacturers and retailers with UN Sustainable Development Goals related to Health & Well-being through data collection and advanced analytics. We drive continuous improvement in Global Health through best practices, standardization, and Health Systems Strengthening across intersecting supply chains, improving resilience, productivity, health outcomes, and We Save Lives.

Technical Committees
Across Health Indicators
Across Food and Industrial Sectors
Data Platform
From Collection and Workflow to AI Predictive Analytics

Standards and Best Practices
Global Health Impact for Manufacturers and Suppliers

Health Systems Strengthening

Our Partners


Coffee and Cocoa
Specialty Crops

We are currently inviting a limited number of highly qualified Academic Institutions and Sustainability Professionals to participate on our committees and in our research programs.

Selections will be finalized by September 30, 2023.

Join Us

Our charter members are currently working on analysis of UNSDG and WHO Health Indicators in global coffee, cocoa, and tea supply chains. We’re building a unique solution to health inequity from data collection and visualization, AI-based predictive analytics, best practices, standardization and strategies to strengthen Health Systems with world class partners who donate, finance, and deliver world-class solutions to manage health risk and bolster resilience in supply chains. We’re always expanding our committee membership and seeking to partners with exceptional individuals in Sustainable Agriculture, Public Health and Medicine from nonprofits, governmental and private enterprises. Let’s get connected and talk about how we can engage together to accomplish a very impactful, innovative, pertinent and timely mission!
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